If you are new to the Trust or would like more information about how a claim is processed, click here to visit our Tutorial page. This tour will provide a comprehensive overview of the Trust history and life of a claim.

File a Claim
You may either request a claim package from the Trust by calling Claimant Relations toll free at (800) 708-8925, or download and print the claim forms on the Downloads page of the website. You must complete and sign the claim and send it to the Trust’s mailing address.

Understanding Claim Deficiencies
When a claim is missing information that is required by the Trust to confirm the claim, deficiency codes are generated and letters mailed. To view a full description of the text and examples on how to clear deficiencies, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
This is a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) relating to the life cycle of a claim. Links throughout the answers will guide you to more detailed information within our site. Should you have any additional questions, please consult our Contact Us page.

This glossary defines terms used by the Flintkote Asbestos Trust in communications with the public. To access the Glossary, click here.

The Flintkote Asbestos Trust website has readily accessible files for you to download. Simply click on the desired form.