Imagine the ability to send, sign and receive releases in less than a day . The eSign process, implemented in 2012, is designed to provide law firms with a secure and quick method of accomplishing this time consuming task.  The eSign process provides the claimants with the ability to electronically sign their releases online.

The process is designed to be fast, easy and secure for both you and your clients while giving you full control and visibility of the entire process.  You will be able to see exactly where your releases are in the process, and get copies of the electronically signed documents when they are completed.  Your clients will be able to print a signed version of the release at the time they sign it to have a hard copy for their records.  In several ways, the electronic process provides greater security and reliability than the manual process.  The eSign platform utilizes the latest secure and encrypted technologies.

The Release Management tab provides the law firms with an efficient way to manage their release inventory. This tab tracks both manual and eSign releases.

Requirements for eSign

For Flintkote, the eSign addendum is included in the Electronic Filer Agreement.  Once the firm is set up for eSign, all users in the firm will have access to the Release Management tab.  Once the Electronic Filer Agreement are received by the Trust, the firm must attend an eSign webinar prior to being able to use the Release Management tab and eSign process.

E-filer Agreement Documents

E-sign Manual