The Bulk Upload Edit tool allows firms to edit claims in mass.  Except for Paid claims, firms can edit claims in any Status and Queue.  The following tutorial will briefly describe the steps in retrieving your firm’s claim data and downloading it into an Microsoft Access template in order to begin editing.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

1) To edit claims, first log into the Bulk Upload tool and click on the Get Template button.


2) The “Choose Template” box will appear with a list of templates that are available for downloading. Click on the “Edit Claims” template to download it.


3) The “Choose Primary Trust” box will appear with a drop-down of Trust that the user has access too. Select the Trust for the list of claims that will be edited.

4) A “Save BulkUpload Template” box will appear prompting the user to save the new template. Rename the file or leave the default name and select the directory where the new template will be stored.

5) After downloading the new template, double click on the file to open it. Find the “GetClaim” table located in the tables view of the Access database. Double click on the table “GetClaim” to open it.

6) In the “GetClaim” table, enter the claim numbers that will be edited in the claimNumber field. You may also copy a list of claims from a spreadsheet and paste it into this column.

7) After entering all of the claim numbers that will be edited in this table, close the template and log back into the Bulk Upload tool. Click on the “GetTemplate” button.

8) After the “Choose Template” box appears, select the “Get Claims” template and click on the button in the “Select Template to Populate” section.

9) The “Select BulkUpload Template To Populate” box will be open, prompting the user to select the previously downloaded “Edit Claims” template that has been populated with the claims that will be edited.

10) After selecting the template, the “Choose Template” box will be displayed with the name of the template in the “Select Template to Populate” field. Click OK.

11) After clicking the OK button, the “Getting Claims” box will display the total numbers of claims successfully retrieved and the number of claims that have failed.

12) After successfully retrieving the claim data, open the template to begin editing the claims that were entered in the Get Claims table. To edit the injured party information, simply double click on the “Injured” tables.

13) In the “Injured” tables, you will notice the data has been downloaded from the site and you may change any of the fields.

14) After editing all of the necessary information in these tables, close the template. Log back into the Bulk Upload Tool and click on the Upload Template button.

15) The “Upload BulkUpload Database” box will be open, prompting the user to select the “Edit Claims” template that has the claims that have been edited. After selecting the correct template, click “Open” to begin uploading the claims that have been edited with their updates.

You have completed the Bulk Upload Edit Tool Tutorial.  We hope that the lesson was informative and helpful.  If you would like additional assistance, please contact the Trust at (866) 665-5790.  For a printer friendly version of this tutorial click on the link below.

Bulk Upload Edit – Tutorial